Our Team

Our incredible team makes us who we are. It’s why we are respected. Trusted. It’s why patients choose us. Meet the team that puts their expertise to work every day as we change lives in our community — For the Better.SM


We’re proud to introduce our team of all-board-certified gastroenterologists and nurse practitioners, here to help improve your life.

Pediatric Gastroenterology

Children are not just smaller versions of adults. They require specialized care that’s tailored to fit their needs. And, as difficult as it can be for adults to discuss their digestive issues, imagine how hard it can be for kiddos. Pediatric gastroenterologists like ours understand the unique challenges digestive disorders in children can cause. And they have the training (and personality) to treat children with care that comforts — both physically and emotionally.


Proper nutrition is a great way for patients to get the outcomes they’re hoping for from their care regimen. Digestive Care Center offers nutrition therapy services from our Registered, Certified Dietitian (RD, CD) to help you learn proper food choices and provide you with the tools you need for lifelong health from healthier eating.