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Over the past couple of months, many people have asked why we are changing our name from Gastroenterology Associates to Digestive Care Center. While there are many reasons for the rebranding, more times than not I answer them that we didn’t just change our name. What we are experiencing is an evolution, or could be more accurately described as a metamorphosis. That concept became even more explicitly clear as we discussed our new logo and the image of the butterfly was selected to represent our company.

As a metaphor, the life of the butterfly speaks quite pointedly to the journey of our company. Think of the caterpillar living diligently and methodically with his thoughts focused on, I am hungry, I must eat. The caterpillar sets to his work and does his job thoroughly and completely, eating leaves whole, leaving not even a stalk. Soon, though, the caterpillar is led to cling to that branch he has been feeding off of and that which he has known as his body is soon shed away as he surrounds himself in a cocoon from which that beautiful butterfly emerges.

Surely our company has been that caterpillar, approaching our work diligently and establishing ourselves as the leading gastrointestinal group in southern Indiana. Now it is time to emerge from that cocoon and spread our wings. Just as the butterfly is still the same being as the caterpillar, so are we, the same providers offering the same great care, only enhancing our services along the way. Digestive Care Center is the umbrella under which we provide high quality and comprehensive care for all digestive health needs. While our name has changed, our focus on exceptional care continues. This new identity better reflects our reputation as the leaders in digestive health and treatment.

If you have been diagnosed with a disease of the digestive tract, have recently begun to have symptoms, or if it is just time for your colon screening, Digestive Care Center can handle your needs. We look forward to continuing to provide you with your health care needs and offering additional services along the way to better serve you. Thank you for trusting us as your health care provider for all your digestive health needs.

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