“Simply Made Meals” Cooking and Nutrition Videos

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“Simply Made Meals” Cooking and Nutrition Videos

Healthified Chicken Salad

Healthified Chicken Salad

Prepare more “Simply Made Meals” at home…

Instead of… grabbing fast food, eating out, relying on the cafeteria or vending machines, snacking on leftover cookies in the break room…

Because… it can help you save money, achieve a healthy body weight, reduce risk for and/or improve certain diseases, health conditions and cancer, be a role model for family, friends and co-workers, feel great, learn about and discover new foods…

“Simply Made Meals”: What does it mean?


Combining a few simple ingredients to make a delicious dish or snack.

Using less processed and more whole food ingredients

Less sodium, sugar, refined grains and saturated fats, and more fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and healthy fats.


Created by you, YES YOU! You can make big batches or just pre-prep a few things for convenient meals and snacks.


Breakfast, lunch, supper, snacks (mini meals). Combining 3 or more food groups for optimal taste, satisfaction, and nutrition!

“Simply Made Meals” is Digestive Care Center’s new cooking video series created to provide you with healthy delicious recipes and meal ideas, fun and important food and nutrition information, and simple cooking techniques. Each week we will release a new cooking video and recipe, so check back to our website or like us on Facebook.

Our first 2 videos have been released!

Check back here or our YouTube Channel for more videos and recipes: gluten free, low FODMAP, convenient family dinners, sliming breakfasts, and more!

For individualized food and nutrient recommendations, meal plans, and goal setting call our office at 812-477-6103 to schedule a nutrition counseling appointment.

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